Just Say No Politely

Hello everyone. I just joined an online community forum website to get connected with other moms. Today I was solicited by another mom for a tarot card reading and to join her group. My first thought was just to ignore it, but of course Holy Spirit told me to just say no and to do it politely. I’m currently taking an apologetics course, which is all about defending the Gospel of Jesus Christ so this little “surprise” is right on time. God gave me the following tips to include in my response and I hope you will use them as well as you turn people down politely.

1) Ask Holy Spirit for the words to say or type.

2) Thank them for contacting you.

3) Try to connect with them somehow and show your understanding.

4) Give them scripture to back up your objection.

5) Do not condemn or judge them at all.

6) Be honest and don’t sugarcoat the Word because Hell is real.

7) Show them godly love and tell them God loves them.

8) PROOFREAD!!!!  Always proofread what you type. We don’t know if they will accept or reject our message. I’d rather be criticized for my faith in Jesus, than in my grammatical skills.

So are you curious as to how I responded? Well continue reading. I pray this post will bless you real good. Be blessed.

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Good morning

Thank you for the invite. That was so kind of you to think of me. I have a prophetic gift from the Most High God so I understand your appreciation for the spiritual and things that have yet to come to pass. However, I do not engage in practices of divination or sorcery, omen interpretations, witchcraft of any kind, spell castings, tarot, palm and any other kind of reading, nor do I seek mediums, spiritists or those who consult the dead. By participating in these activities, we show that it is more important to know our future apart from God, than getting to know God, who is our Alpha and Omega. He knows the beginning and the end. He holds the very future in the palms of His hands. He knows your heart’s desires and the fears you harbor and try to hide from everyone else. He even knows you better than you know yourself. He knows you inside and out. He even knows the number of hairs that are upon your head. He knows everything about you and wants you to know what’s in His heart, which comes by having a personal relationship with Him, which comes only by accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior. God loves you so much that He sent His one and only son that whoever believes in him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

The following words I say are out of love and not to condemn you . . . If you continue to send invitations and engage in divination, it will lead to your death and destruction. It is not my heart’s desire that you should perish, but that you come to the knowledge of the Truth. Only God knows the future and I hope to see you one day in mine. I would rather know the One in whose hands my future is secure, than to be anxious in having to know what’s going about to happen. Besides, that takes all the fun out of living. If we are so focused on our future, how can we expect to appreciate and be thankful for today, the present, which is a gift from God. That’s something to consider. Thank you again.


Crystal Awkward


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