Long Time No Blog

It has been over a year since my last blog. Even though I’ve been quiet here, my life this past year has been anything except quiet. Last June God blessed me and my boys with our own apartment. On the outside, it appears as if God has just left me here and that the promises God has made to me last year and the year before that and the year before that and so on will never come to pass. What God has been teaching me is to have faith in Him regardless of how things look, how I feel, or what people say about my situation. I’ve been getting to know God on a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

God has been giving me a lot of revelation knowledge as I continue to seek Him. As God did with Moses and the Israelites, He has revealed Himself to me as Yahweh. What’s so unique about the name Yahweh? Yahweh means the Covenant-Keeping God. God has defined His name, which reflects His character as well, as this, “I AM YAHWEH! I not only make promises, I keep them and I make sure they come to pass.” That’s awesome!!!! So this really took a burden off of me months ago. I have been applying for a position, especially in social work for a LOOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time. For four years now. There have been numerous times when I have become discouraged and yes even depressed over the countless No’s I have received. At one point during my prayers I even questioned God about the subject I majored in college and graduate school. Looking back, I know without a doubt that God directed me to the field of social work. God has promised that I would one day have a job in my field.  Yes, I of course have to put in the applications, but Yahweh is going to make sure it comes to pass so that He will get the glory. God is AWESOME!!!!

So whatever God has promised you either directly or through His Word,  just rest in the assurance that God will keep His promise and make sure that it comes to pass. Just trust and have faith in Yahweh and be patient. It’s coming so live in expectation of your blessing. Be blessed.


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