Pooh Bear Evangelism

Okay. I know I definitely have your attention. I bet you’re wondering what in the world does Pooh Bear and Evangelism have in common. Just keep on reading  and you’ll find out. Earlier this year God placed it on my heart to evangelize. So with my tight schedule, I began to look for creative ways to spread the gospel. So far I have been leaving Chick Tracts where ever I go.  Last month I ordered Evangelistic Letters: For Believers’ Use by Elizabeth Whitney Crisci. I recommend this book for anyone who likes to write and/or blog and has a heart to share the message of Jesus Christ.

For Christmas, I decided to prepare goodie bags and deliver them door to door to my neighbors. At first  I was just going to use a clear goodie bag, but as I walked around Walmart, I found the character party favors, invitations, etc. So I decided to use a Pooh Bear theme. Who can resist Pooh Bear? They were for a baby’s first birthday. I plan on using them to invite first time visitors. I bought goodie bags, invitations and stickers. I also bought a huge bag of hard candy.

I ordered gospel tracts from Chick Publications entitled ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’. This is a Christmas themed tract. Using the book ‘Evangelistic Letters’ as a guide, I typed up a testimony letter to my neighbors to encourage them to trust God. Oh and I also included an invitation flyer from my church.

This morning my boys and I walked around our neighborhood and delivered 24 goodie bags to our neighbors all to the glory of God. I pray this will be an inspiration to you to think of a creative way to spread the Good News of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Merry Christamas!


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