Foggy Worship

Foggy worship!? I know you’re wondering what in the world this post will be about, but just keep reading. This is going to be good.  Most days when I get up in the morning, I try to remember to check out the weather channel before I leave.  One day the forecast for that morning was FOGGY!  From the moment I left my house, through my hour commute and up until I arrived at my building, there was fog everywhere.  The visibility in some places was poorer than others, which could be dangerous.  So what does this have to do with worship? I’ll get to that.  First let me explain what fog is.

The word “fog” can be defined as a cloud-like mass or layer of minute water droplets or ice crystals near the surface of the earth, appreciably reducing visibility ( There are other definitions for fog, but this definition is most appropriate for what God has revealed to me. So basically fog is a cloud on the earth.  A cloud represents God’s glory, the very presence of God. When the children of Israel were in the desert, during the day they were led by the presence of God, which was in the form of a cloud. (Exodus 13:21 – And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of a cloud, to lead them the way)

So how do you get into the presence of God? Enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise (Psalm 100:4). When we thank God and give Him praise, we forget about ourselves, our problems, our circumstances. We move from being self-centered to being Christ-centered. When we focus completely on God, we offer a sweet aroma that is pleasing to Him and God invites us into the Holy of Holies. Into worship. This is where God’s presence is.  God desires to be with us, but we cannot enter into His presence unless we worship Him. When we worship God, He gives us what we need. It could be a rhema word, healing, deliverance, miracle, breakthrough, strength, peace, encouragement. God will reveal His heart to us in worship.

During the hour commute, God revealed to me that this commute is like a journey. As I mentioned earlier, the visibility sometimes was just in my immediate area.  In this life we face storms. You may even be in one right now.  During these storms, it’s sometimes hard to see anything beyond your immediate area/circumstance.  It is essential that at these times that we worship God.  God will help you to see things from His perspective. During these times as we worship God, He will cover us with His fog/cloud/presence and guide us if we would just trust Him to direct our paths (Proverbs 3:6 – In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths). God wants everyday of our lives to be an act of worship, to be foggy. Is foggy worship in your forecast today?


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