Life Unborn

I was introduced to poetry by my third grade teacher Mrs. Boyd. Since then I have used verse as a way to express myself and also as a way to deal with my emotions and life events that I’ve experienced. Two years ago I had a miscarriage and wrote this poem to “let out” all of the emotions that I was feeling at the time. Be blessed.


Life Unborn

You were my unexpected miracle
The next bloom on my apple tree
Already done picked out your names
Envisioned your facial features
Staring back at me

I am in sync with my destiny
As my life unborn flowed from my womb
My heart began to break
The tears poured from the windows of my soul
Thunderstorms reflect my inner being

My instincts warned me
That something was wrong
When the doctor told me the news
I sat in disbelief
I feel numb inside
Just want to go and hide
In that secret place inside of me

Guilt is setting in
What ifs crowds my thoughts
Through this pain
I am reminded that
God has a plan
A divine purpose for my life
Even though my path is hidden from me
All things will reveal themselves
In God’s time

* Crystal Awkward 2008


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