The Financial Storm

Apostle Lee has always told us that once God gives us a messge to help us grow spiritually, sooner or later a test will come. Since my last blog I have been tested and I’m still being tested with my finances. It feels like the noose around my bank account is getting tighter and tighter. It’s getting harder to breathe and I just have to cry sometimes. Bill collectors are calling me up, gas prices have gone up and as soon as I budget how I’m going to pay a new bill, something else comes up that demands money yesterday. I’m even being tested with my finances by someone close to me. Sometimes I just want to scream.

But through all of this I’m putting God first and paying my tithes and offerings. I trust God to see me through my financial storm. Yes I saddens me that I have more bills than money, but I trust God. Yes it sometimes depresses me that as a single parent I can’t even afford to take my children to Chucke Cheeses, but I trust God. Yes it sometimes disappoints me that I am not able to help out more with the household bills, but I trust God.

Because I trust God, I put Him first. He has not covered me with an umbrella that will be tossed aside when a wisp or gush of wind blows my may. Because I trust God, I put Him first. Because I pay my tithes and offerings, God has build a shelter around me. While the storm is raging on my wallet, I’m still protected. While the rain is pouring  on my purse, I’m still being provided for. While the hail is pounding on my pockets, I’m still standing.

Please pray for me as this financial storm is over me. I pray that what I am going through will encourage you or someone you know. Please put God first in everything you do, especially when it comes to paying your tithes and offerings. Be Blessed.


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