Debt Cancellation Series – Tithes and Offerings

This past Saturday I attended the Debt Cancellation Seminar at my church ROLCC. Pastor Dan Williams from Florida was the guest speaker. The seminar was broken down into two parts. Part 1: Obligation Organizer and Part 2: Debt Cancellation. I might as well go ahead and admit that yes I am in debt. My debt includes credit cards, medical bills and student loans. So, over the course of however long it takes me to get out of debt, I will be posting updates on how things are going as I move towards debt cancellation.

First things first: The Dime. Pastor Williams stressed the importance of specifically doing things God’s way. Paying your tithes and offerings – your first fruits. Now your tithe is 10% of your gross income, this is what you make before taxes, health insurance, dental insurance, etc are deducted from your check. Your offering, as Pastor Williams explained, can be between 5 to 30% of your net income, this is what you take home after the taxes and deductions. It’s between you and God in the percentage you give for your offering.

Paying our tithe is based on our relationship with God. Over the course of this year, God has been reminding me to trust Him. I have learned that paying my tithes and offerings has a direct correlation to how much I trust God to not only provide me with the things I need, but also the things I want and desire. I must admit that at the beginning of this year, I was not paying my tithes and offerings consistently if I paid at all. What does this mean? I wasn’t trusting God like I should have and I wasn’t putting my faith in Him. A few months before I moved from Richmond, I decided to do things God’s way. Every time I got paid I would print a copy of my pay stub and write down everything I needed to pay for and buy. The first thing on my list was tithes and offerings. Food was the last thing on my list, but when I got to it I only had about $20-$25 left until the next two weeks. At first this discouraged me, but God kept reminding me not to worry about it. The Holy Spirit reminded me that God takes care of the birds, the flowers, even the blades of grass. Surely God will make a way for my children and I to have food.

After weeks of being obedient and determined to do things God’s way, as I reviewed my expenses, I noticed that I could either pay my bills or buy food, not both. One of my co-workers reminded me of the Employee Assistance Program at my job that helps employees with their bills or groceries if they are having financial difficulties. So I filled out a form and requested help with two of my bills. Even though I really wanted help with groceries, I thought that if I could get help with the bills, then I would have the money to buy food. A few days after I submitted my form, I was informed that the committee had approved my request and decided to give me $200 gift cards to Kroger. Instantly I knew it was because of God and my being faithful in paying my tithes and offerings. Hallelujah! Ain’t God good! So that’s my testimony.

God wants to bless you beyond measure, beyond your wildest imaginations. The question is: Are you ready for the blessings of God to take over your life? If you are, remember your tithes and offerings – first things first.


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  1. Hi Crystal, I just wanted to drop a line or two with regards to your post.

    This is the problem I have with all these so-called debt freedom or cancellation seminars, they never ever offer practical solutions to getting out of debt! Instead, one is lumbered with more burdens as a means of getting out of debt – pay your tithes, sow seeds, give offerings etc. How on earth would doing these ever get one out of debt?

    The obvious question to ask is “how did one get into debt in the first place?” Was through spending habits (something most Christians are guilty of) Are my outgoings much more than my incomings? Do I spend money on things I can ill afford?

    What practical steps can we take to get out of debt? The first thing to consider is our income. How much do we earn? Next we will consider our outgoings – are there things we spend money on that we can do without? Forget all those stories about giving God the firstfruit or tithes. God is more interested in how well we spend the little He gives us before He can give us more. (You can take a look at my post on the subject for more info

    This is from personal experience. God bless you.

  2. Hi Tony.

    Now I can only speak from personal experience and I do not claim to be an expert on finances. What I’ve learned is that it’s important to look at how you get into debt and learn from your mistakes; however, not all debt is the result of a mistake. Somethings are out of our control. For me personally this is how I got into and am still in debt . I made unwise decisions with department store cards while I was in college. With the lack of universal health care in America, I did not have health insurance for a while and could not afford to pay the hospital bills, but I refused to not go to the hospital. My husband did not work for a period of time and I was the sole provider for our family. My husband also abused our finances, which put us further in debt. I am now a single parent, with two children, more bills and only one income. Even though I am more than willing to pay my bills, there is no money to pay them all.

    In addition to paying your tithes and offerings, you also have to use wisdom when it comes to getting out of debt and that includes creating and being deligent in following a budet. I have not yet blogged about budgetting and the debt cancellation part, but I will soon.

    I can’t and won’t try to rationalize things, especially when it comes to paying your tithes and offerings. It doesn’t seem rational when you put things down on paper and look at the numbers. God is not rational and He will tell you to do things that are just not logical or seem to make sense. What you have to remember is that God tells us to do things not for us to understand, but to build our faith and do awesome things through us. All I know is that I don’t need God to explain things to me. I would rather send time with my family than to spend time trying to figure out why God wants me to do this or that. All I care about is pleasing Him and that means being obedient with my tithes and offerings. I also pray that He gives me wisdom and puts me around people who will give me sound advise and guidance on how to get out and stay out of debt. But first things first – pay your tithes and sow your offerings. Be blessed.

  3. Hi Crystal,

    You are not alone, being saddled with a lot of debt I mean but I fear you may sink further and further into this if you do not take decisive action. I said earlier that there is simply no verse of scripture that says paying tithes and giving offerings would get one out of debt. These are man-made doctrines which most certainly never produce results and God does not expect us to put ourselves in harm’s way either in a bid to prove that He exists or He is faithful.

    In the Old Testament when tithing was instituted, not everybody was mandated to tithe. And contrary to what is being preached today, tithes did not mean 10% but a tenth of crops and livestock grown in Israel and never money.

    What is the difference between 10% and a tenth you might ask? I’ll explain – God’s instruction to the children of Israel was that every tenth of the livestock was to be separated unto him as a tithe. This meant that if someone had 9 sheep for instance, since there was no tenth he could not tithe. If he had 10 sheep then the tenth sheep is the tithe, same if he had 11 to 19. If he had 20, the first and second tenths where tithe. You can find this is in Leviticus 27:32 – Count off every tenth animal from your herds and flocks and set them apart for the Lord as holy (NLT).

    Not everyone in Israel tithed. Non farmers, and the less privileged did not tithe instead apart from being used to take care of the Levites, the tithe was also used to take care of the less privileged in Israel. In a nut shell, the tithe was the tax used to take care of the public officer holders (Levites) as well as the less privileged (Welfare) in the land of Israel. There is simply no verse of scripture that enjoins the church to continue this practice in today’s dispensation.

    Please do not put yourself under anymore pressure than you are already under. If anything and following scriptures, your church should try to help you out instead of demanding tithes and offerings from you. And instead of trying to win God’s favour through these acts of sacrifice (tithes and offerings), speak to the Lord about your situation and await His instruction and direction. Don’t go thinking that tithes and offerings are the way out, they are not.

    I will tell you one thing though, God will always take care of His own and that includes you because Jesus did not die in vain. Please remain blessed and regards to your kids.

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