Don’t eat his cooking

When I saw the proof for myself that my husband was cheating on me, I went to my Co-Pastor for counseling. During our session, she asked me if GH cooks, which he does. She warned me not to eat what he feeds me. At the time I was thinking ‘Oh my God, this crazy man is going to poison and kill me and he’ll have the children.’ Of course I was thinking in the natural and I became paranoid, especially when GH cooked dinner that week. I talked to my mother about this and she said that ‘what he feeds me’ could also mean what he says to me, like lies. Revelation! Don’t feed into the lies that GH is going to tell me. So this poem is a reminder to myself to not believe what GH tells me. It is also a warning to any future readers who may be in similar situations.


Don’t’ Eat His Cooking

Hey Gal
You better not eat his cooking
Yeah it may look good and
Smell oh so sweet
But don’t let that man fool you
Into believing his
Smoked turkey necks and
Collard greens.

Hey Gal
You better not eat his cooking
Yeah I know he done put his
Foot all up in that pot
And you are yearning to
Believe every drop of
Gravy he pours over that
Corn bread stuffing.

Hey Gal
You better not eat his cooking
I’m just trying to warn you because
He slipped a dash of lies and deceit
Into your shrimp and grits
He’s got you believing that he’s
being faithful and true

Hey Gal
Please don’t eat his cooking
I’m just trying to spare you of this
Heartache and heartburn that I feel
Because of his steaming pot of selfish love
So please don’t eat his cooking

 ~crystal awkward 2009


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