prophetic dream 2008

Around this time last year God gave me a prophetic dream of my life in the future. First I’ll tell you about the dream and then I’ll tell you what has come to pass so far.

Prophetic Dream

I lived in this beautiful house and it was mine. Everything was in order and there was no clutter or junk lying around. I also had peace of mind. I had custody of my children. Their father (which I shall refer to as GH in this blog) came by my house to pick our children up for the weekend. I knew that GH was now living with his mother. Then I was in church after morning worship was over and a minister came up to me and asked me out on a date. In the dream I had been expecting him to ask me out, but I was just waiting for him to have the courage to do so. I already knew I was going to say yes. Next I dreamt that after the date, we were standing in my foyer and he leaned over to kiss me. Then all of a sudden everything went black and I went down on the floor in a fetal position. I was crying and my heart was hurting. Someone had caused me great pain and I knew it was GH.

What has come to pass

The great pain and heartache was due to GH cheating on me. There has been at least three occassions in which infidelity reared its head during my marriage.  Last year while visiting my parents, GH was on their computer doing who knows what. The day after we left, my mother called and told me that GH had been chatting with a female online and saying things inappropriate of a husband. My mother even told me her name. Also last year, one of the reasons why GH had been fired was for making inappropriate comments to several female co-workers. The “last straw” for me was 4 months ago in June. I was up around 3 a.m. and I could not go back to sleep. GH’s cell phone started vibrating and I thought who could possibly be texting him at this time of the morning, so I looked and discovered that yet again he had been saying things to another female that are inappropriate of a husband. GH’s adultery is the reason why we were not together in the dream and why we are not together now.

I have also filed for and now have custody of our children as so ordered by the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Now that GH and I are no longer living together and my children are out of that environment, I now have peace of mind. So stay tuned as the rest of my prophetic dream comes to pass.

Be Blessed


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