preparing my garden

God placed it on my heart to start an inspirational poetry/reflections blog over a year ago and now I’m finally doing it. In September Sis B asked me if I was a gardener and if I worked in a garden. Of course I immediately thought about working outside in a garden, so I told her no, but that is not what she meant. Sis B told me to get my garden ready because I was about to sow some seeds. She also told me that my husband and I were going to have an awesome ministry. Little did she know that in 2007 while I interned at the YWCA as a domestic violence/sexual assault counselor, God showed me my ministry of helping women and girls who are broken, depressed and lifeless.

My purpose in life is to plant seeds of life in the people that I encounter through my words, poetry and in the life that I live. This blog will include my original poetry, reflections on my personal growth and lessons learns. My prayer is that by reading my seeds of life, chains will be broken, minds will be set free and hearts will be healed in order to save lives for God’s purpose. Enjoy!

Be Blessed

Crystal Awkward


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